Saturday, November 13, 2010

Letting you go
still thinking about this thing a lot
you got me shaken up
Please tell me there’s a way
And it got my head just spinnin’ round round round round
Don’t wanna take a fall
It’s best to break it up
It’s gonna be better for you to move on
Uh huh we break it break it
Or thought we make it make it
And now we cover it up

I swear I won’t even for a second
cause you any pain
in order to protect you
there’s already no other way
Baby our love itself brings us pain
And I got nothing, nothing to say

You know when you lose your smile
I will place the blame on myself
Those words, and even the light
I will lose sight of everything else

Sad it just ain’t happening
Wish it could be better
Sorry to be scrapping
But I just can’t let ya
Shouldn’t be less than happy
I said look at me
I couldn’t live with myself seeing you lacking
The things you deserve
Must believe that it hurts
that lead this world
I feel the aching through my body
it just takes a bigger part of me
to be let you go
I wish that one soul

Tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye
those hands that embraced me
seem to be letting go
merely being by my side is not kindness
Tell me goodbye

cr : BB

Friday, November 12, 2010


saya takut saya phobia saya gerun saya tak mahu lagi rapat dengan seseorang. sebab setiap kali saya cuba rapat, saya akan sakit kan dia tanpa saya sedari dan kami akan jadi jauh gila.

saya benci saya