Friday, May 28, 2010

some people say


we're going to play a game today. a game that start with: some people say...

some people say I am not like how I used to be
some people say I have change to more girlish me
some people say I abandon them to be with others
some people say I am smart and I can get high score
some people say I studied the most
some people say I am the most happy person they met
some people say nothing


I say I am changing and it is never your problem
I say will you hate me just because I am more girlish
I say I never going to abandon those who doesn't abandon me
I say everybody are equal in their mental state
I say simply no
I say never judge the book by it's cover
I say just get lost

lastly, I DON'T CARE .

Saturday, May 22, 2010

mood swing~

salam !

sorry for my mood swing. I know I shouldn't have effect others around me with my emotion. I've been training them. yes, I've been training my emotion. even when I'm crying, at a split second I can laugh for those who made me cry. HEBAT tak hebat anak mak dah pandai berlakon ! HAHAHA ;P but sometimes, rasa penat dan tak larat. so ter-effect orang tu. I am mad at you but usually I padam all those feeling away. but entah la, terasa penat dan tak larat. so saya berdiam diri dan shut my mouth up so I won't shout at you. so now, I am very and trully sorry for the way I behave. may Allah pelihara me from any baaaaad emotion and feeeeeling :)

okay ayat x betul sebab english and bm sudah habis ! ;P padahal spm belum kot !

good luck fellows for the remaining papers. konvoi ramai2 pergi kino hari jumaat before cuti okay !

toodles !
*yup, emosi still tak setabil. kejap biol kejap sengal. biasalah anak gadis -___-

Friday, May 14, 2010

something we can't force? or can we?

there's nothing much.but yup, I do staring out the windows for couple of minutes and my friend would say, "oi berangan !" and I will be back to normal. the thing is, it, snot me that I'm berangan about. it's me and my surrounding. tak paham abaikan. look, people share things right? and of course they share it with someone they trust. I also did that BUT when I share my thing with the people I trust, I don't tell any body else especially my good friends. why in the world did I do that? what do you think when your good friend share their problem with some other good friend, but you know she has a problem and you also know she tell the others but not you. she never going to tell you what she tell to the other. do you know what this person feel?

stupidly helpless .

okay fine if you don't want me to know your problem, but please, just please don't talk about your prob with the other IN FRONT of me. seriously I'm tired of all this. I know I should stand beside you and help you help you, but what could I do if you don't want this person to be beside you? it is your choice, not mine. and if really are getting tired of me, let me know. I can be away, I promise.

ya Allah, bless us with your nur and sakinah. make the bond between us the strongest of them all, so that we can find Your path, together. Amin

Sunday, May 9, 2010


why does this tears won't fall down ?

yes I feel your pain but yet,
it wasn't sure,
and I certainly don't have any idea in the whole wide world to make it right again.

dang it ! urgh now I'm really mad. just get lost ! sometimes I just hate peoples and I hate feelings. and again yes, we are attuned to hate things that we don't like even though that thing was the best for us.
Luckily I do still have Him. only to Him I will seek guidance. please forgive me. for I have done nothing to you. I'm just sorry.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

4-teen dayS !

salam! :)

Alhamdulillah I've survived 14 days of straight school days! it is a wow thing for me so just accept my hyper thinking (?) HAHA.

# the first week, 7 days, pile up all the ilmu that the teachers had given us!

# that saturday, banat of G4squared have ext
ra chemistry class with cg. Hasnah. from 8 A.M till 7 P.M! but of course there's a break. it's not like they want to torture us -__- and break? LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD! serius kenyang gila nak pengsan!

# that sunday, eventhough B3K have bowling tournement, which I sincerly really and truly want to go, the KKT5 had something in mind. bengkel BAT. with my plastered (?) heart, I went to the bengel and got the ilmu! :)

# another week of school with all the story in the world and ilmu. and ofcourse, 7 days!

# this saturday, we've got bengkel modern math. and that lovely teacher are so funny and hilarious yet very tipsy! HAHA. cool presenter and nice tips. thank you for the ilmu!
It didn't stop there... next! study group! form 4 physics.
in my red bedroom :) me, yami, nome, kinah, tipah are the candidate of otak nak meletup ;P so yeah, three chaps until the evening and chem at night. meracau saya dalam tidur ;D

# this sunday, today. bengkel biology! lots of information and tips we got from the teachers. such a dedicated teachers. thank you. BIOLOGY ITU SENANG!
owh then me, yami and alia went to jusco wangsa maju and of course, sae pun ada. HEHE. we met at MISS T! yes, that PINK shop! XD bla bla bla suddenly sae want to buy me a belated birthday present. *saya ada bagi hint2 ;P* so dapat la. she ask me to name it a bit like hers sooo.....

Mr. E'E !
kalau tak tahu sebut tanya saya ;D thank you so much sae. SUKA SANGAT! he is so helplessly CUTE! ;D tunggu bulan 7 taw! :P

14 days of input the ilmu, sampai kosa kata pun tak betul -__- but alhamdulillah I still survive and happy about it! :P thank you Allah and my family and friends! *macam buat speech ape je*

till then!
saya suka gambar ni ! macam lucu ! ;D