Saturday, March 27, 2010

okay serious ni :P

I feel to write in malay since my grammar literally sucks. hahaXD teacher Alia, I will improve on my grammar soon insyaAllah :)

pagi jumaat yang indah. waaaah hebat nya dunia ini. entah kenapa sekarang suka sebut hebat. macam hebat! -__- back to reality. then bahagia juga sebab tidak perlu hadiri program jumaat. hohoho makin tua makin liat, isy isy ;D SEBAB! ada latihan CHORAL SPEAKING! kami dimaklumkan oleh cg rushida rabu tu, cg kata siapa yang masuk CS masba masuk terus competition for CS antara sekolah gombak. wah, bukan main happy lagi lah kan kami form 5 ni. dapat la segulung sijil lagi :P kami sangat happy berlatih rabu and jumaat tu.

jeng jeng jeng.
hari sabtu yang saya hadiri sebab nak tuntut ilmu dan sebab nak semangat2 pasal CS. sebelum zuhur, siti amirah kamarul zaman jumpa saya dengan muka sedihnya tu.

her : nak dengar berita sedih taaaak?
me : alaaa, apaaaaa?
her : tadi cg rushida kata cg sedih sangat sebab hari ni cg dapat surat dari competition tu. kata antara syarat dia pelajar dari form1 hingga form4 JE.

serious patah hati gila gila gila gila nak matiiiiiiiiiii! what the heck with the competition? SPM bulan 11 okay! *x sedar diri betul lah budak ni -_-* then pergi jumpa cg shida. cg dgn muka sedih tunjuk, ikOi tengok la ni. tunjuk satu sampul yg berisi kertas yg nak aja aku koyak2kan. grrrr.


semua PATAH HATI !

*ada udang sebalik batu, ada hikmah lah tu Allah buat macam tu. innaAllahama'assobirin~*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

sampai lebamlebam mata

salam, lamanya tak mengetaip. pencapaian yang baik? haha.

okay let's start this. *poyo je :P

it's all about trust. that's what I said to myself. it's all about TRUST if you have a REAL friend. and I ALWAYS trust them no matter what. so if you ever doubt me, seriously, get lost! urgh~


okaay siape ada watak sedih kosong? saya hebat bila part2 menangis2 ni :P I just remember things that surely will make me cry. bukan lah saya ni gila menangis tapi rasa dapat melepaskan sesuatu. rasa best. entah naluri perempuan kot ;D
one thing, if I ever imagine, just imagine that my love ones are in pain no matter whose fault it is, I will cry. and when I know that one of my really important person are in pain, she said that she breakdown, i cried for her. akibat? lebam mata -__- I dont know why exactly but it just to happen that I'm also "full" at that time. it's time i guess. look I'm sorry coz it is a bit of my fault. just please stop your pain. like I said, I will always be by your side. and,
"every tears cried, there are SMILE waiting~"
just be with me. coz I realized not long ago. seriously I CAN'T LIVE IN THE WORLD THAT DOESN'T INCLUDE YOU. let us be by each other side okay? dont be my sakura, just be the huggable you and prepare you're shoulder for me okay? and I will be myself and smile with you through my life.
thank you and "<3 u lots" *ur note :P

why did I ever post things like this?

aishiteru kara~

Sunday, March 21, 2010

daijoubu datte sa~

"Seasons go round again, a dazzling city
Everyone passes oblivious of you
That's it, you shouldn't care
It's okay as long as you're by my side

There's no meaning in lining only kind words
They're merely for form's sake and have no contents

If you try changing a little the balance you feel
You will see how wonderful the world is

Love Yourself
Come on, don't overdo yourself
As your heart is, as you are
Realize this love that can shine
I love this you that you hate

This clumsy you is alright
As you feel, as the wind
Dance in the sky just like a flower
I'll embrace this you that you hate

It's love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It's love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It's love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It's love, your love LOVE YOURSELF

Other people are not worth caring about
What's important it's your “here”
Now you don't need something like a customary “Do your best”
Because that's what hurts you the most

The seventh word is in your color
Because of that, everything will turn into a single dream

Love Yourself
That's right, they'll resound together
The little noises we're playing
Raise this love we can believe in
I love this you that you hate

Both days when you're almost crushing
And nights when you're on the verge of fading
They're crossing the sky, you will hear them
Far far away, listen, in this chest

I'm singing my love to you so that you would tell me
that you wanna be with me and I feel like... Ah ah

My love, your love My life, your life
This is the new, it's a new world...

It's a new world It starts to shine
As your heart it, as you are
Trust your eyes to me, I love this you that you hate

This clumsy you is alright
As you feel, as the wind
Dance in the sky just like a flower
I'll embrace this you that you hate

It's love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It's love, your love LOVE YOURSELF
It's love, your love LOVE YOURSELF

It's love, your love LOVE YOURSELF"

have to remind my self right? thanks Mr.A for singing this beautiful song ;D

Saturday, March 20, 2010

saya je lah

yes minggu ini memang minggu yang penuh dengan emosi. saya kurang suka emosi tapi Allah dah bagi, terima je lah -_-

let me say this, I have a really,extremely low level of confidence. since when? since I remember when I live myself. and you know what? I've been fighting myself to say that I am worth it, I do have responsible, people will like me. in that way, I survived parts of my high school life in a cool way. thinking I will give my best and people will like it and say good job!and I ALWAYS do my job to appeases and for others sake.

but no, there's ALWAYS the negative aura or what ever you call it. some people will said "owh common, you always done the bad thing". awak lah yang jahat, awak lah yang busuk, awak lah yang tak baik, awak lah yang salah, awak lah yang selalu mengelat.

ya Allah! seriously I'm tired of all this. whenever I wanted to do something good *with or without telling people*, they will say apahal nt buat macam tu!
common! what the heck! urgh~

and really, if you ARE one of my friend, you would TRUST me no matter what the condition is. when there is something, you should think that I'm doing things for other. not that I'm lepak and do nothing.

seriously, I'm tired. please just please ....

Sunday, March 14, 2010

many short

many things did happen in a short time. sometimes we say alhamdulillah, some other time we say bersabar je lah.

now, I live over some new principle :

1- FORGET the bad thing that others bring to us, REMEMBER what they did to us to make us happy. and vice versa, forget our good deed to people and remember the fault we made.

2- LIFE without a bit hardship was never a good life. so take that hardship and grow.

and so, here my life start as a bibik! hahaXD my bibik just ran away last week. in return i'm the new one -_- but it's alright. I always wanted a job and i got one! dslr isn't just a dream, it WILL come true :)

aah one week of school holiday so it say. not much to do I think. beside sapu rumah setiap hari. and do some form 4 note. yosh! let's do it! -__-
going to download things again this few day. haha so addicted to downloading things ;)

till then,
really and truly I love you. yes YOU! ;)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

wake up sister !

salam ! :)

alhamdulillah me and my family are safely back in keramat! hehehe ;D even though when we first move in, the day before yesterday, there are still "holes" aka tingkap yang belum siap dipasang :D but now, only the stairs that haven't been done yet. and of course all of our belongings are literally tonggang terbalik but we made a really powerful effort to clean up the mess. Literally! hahaha

and now here I am, in own red bedroom. wuhooo! and again thank you Allah because I can get the feeling to study here. *nak study pun kene feeling2 ke? -__-* but unfortunately not many pages that I flick through this pass days. hmmm why? because nak kemas lagi lah, lollipop lah, sakura girl lah. godaan banyak ajeee. aduhai~ I need to be more stronger! yeah! go go go! urgh~

okay, test next week are piling up. physic, bio, chem in one way. gotta have a head surgery after done with it I guess :P what ever it is, I surely will never give up and nor too my friends, especially those who goes to tamrin. common guys! we can do it! :)
penat lah mengadap benda ni lama2 :P papai!