Saturday, January 30, 2010

my me self? :P

salam! :)
hey who knows that this day I'm gonna write my biodata? hahaha malas sangat.

let me start with my name since I don't think people really know my REAL name. hahaha :D Noor Zulaikha Bt Zulkhifli is what my parent name me and I'm glad because my name is the same name as Nabi Yusuf's wife ;) he he he. insyaAllah I'll be searching my Yusuf soon~ huahuahua XD people call me by all sort of nameS. "ikOi" "ika" "zu" and others. I'll accept all as long it wasn't anything that is soooo weird. *as if ikOi wasn't weird enoughXD* Ok next is my birthday. due, next week! haha fifth of feb 93! the lucky date with christano ronaldo -__- *btw, I hate him, go Lampard! :P* I'm a proud AUSTRALIAN! yeah! and I'm also a lucky person because my parent got us a cozy house in front of a field. yes it is so calm and relaxing and I will never leave that place. well at least not until I'm old! hehe :) keramat au2b/1. jemputlah datang kalau nak main bola :P hmmm what more could I say? owh yes! my personality.

I've got multi-personality? hahah bukan yang macam orang gila kat tv tu ye :P you can say that I'm very cheerful full of smile and hyper. yes I am hyper. baik punya lah tapi~ hehhe :) but I'm not in the mood, I will just cut all the connection with the world and just silence. . . .
hahhaXD im not much a story-teller but I am a jokester! yup yup. ceh perasaan~

things I prefer *or love ;)*
~red things~erytrocytes ;)
~my OWN room!
~movie on weekend ;)
~family and FRIENDS

things i hate :(


~so many people at the same place at the same time

~person who doesn't know when to shut up

~sambal. BOOOOO!

~my trembling hands -__-

~many more :P

hmmm sudah-sudah la tu. penat lah~ huhuh ;) need to get ready for wafa party? hehhe ;)

till then,

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the truth


just want to say. even though weren't really ready to be an adult but it come to us without we even notice it. huh. and its not my birthday-lah. just urgh~ need to think about our future. huh.

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors (M.D.) or Doctors of Osteopathy(D.O.). who have completed a college degree, medical school,including residency and internship training and an additional two to four years of postgraduate training in ophthalmology. In many countries, ophthalmologists also undergo additional specialized training in one of the many subspecialities. Ophthalmology was the first branch of medicine to offer board certification, now a standard practice among all specialties.

sounds really good dont you think? MD? me? hahaha kind of funny but hey nothing impossible right? hmmm. but my sis said that it doesnt really necessary to take MD. hmmm. I think I need to ask my sis and bro about this first. pronto ! because when I asked my friends, they all know what they want to be in the future. jeles-lah ni! :P

till I decide my future,
goodnight ! :)

I don't understand-lah!

isy seriously all wrong~ but i dont know what it is~ hahahaXD

look im sorry ok? im just joking at that time. no need to take it seriuosly. sorry is the word. cheer up :P

and im so glad i had my friends. they make me so happy! hehe. hahah random-ness -_- yes I love my FRIENDS! thank you :P


hehe saje je sebab dah lame x borak ngan dia. padahal baru tadi. hoho.
ok abaikan.

*my name spell with a BIG "O" ok? :P

Sunday, January 17, 2010


yes I love 'P'. don't you? its the most beautiful thing ever. i love P, yeah love P


loving it~ :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

isy isy isy !

salam buddies! :)

i guess i want to share with you guys something, thats why im here? hahaha what ever lah. even though homework are piling up, insyaAllah, i'll always have time to do my english assignment here~ hehehe.

here come the story (-__-)
my mother took me and my brother from sriaakl and back at sentul. we always heard the asar's call in the car so we just perform our prayer at home. but one day, we were so sick of ayam goreng so we decided to eat or buy pizza at sentul. just around the corner from our house. i'll make it short because im still sleepy~ hehehe. so it happen, we ordered the pizza first then and we want to go perform asar prayer there.
and again, so it happen, they haven't got any surau there at the building! hahaha XD i wanted to ask "then where do guys pray?" but my mother cut me to it. with authority in her voice. and and and guess what is her answer! yes HER and BERTUDUNG!

"terpaksa la qada'"

what the?! hahahaXD seriously, i thought im going to die from laughing my head out! tahan je la tapi kan, buat muka straight. again i wanted to say "mane la boleh suka2 nak qada'2 solat". but again, hahhha my mother sounded like a real mother and said that. pekerja tu diam je la.

isy isy isy what happen to malay people this generation! or should i said muslim! im so embarrass with what they have not learn. solat tiang agama! even if u dislike it, you have to do it! let us see, a simple example, Allah gave us FREE OXYGEN. can you ever repay Him? and you also couldnt even follow His instruction. betapa sombongnya kita dengan Tuhan yang beri kita HIDUP? its not like we're going to be dead if we're solat. tolong laaaah. dont you have even a bit love for Him? astaghfirullahalazim~

may we learn from others and others learn from us.
till then, salam :)

Monday, January 11, 2010


now now, before you guys read the post, see the time and date first.

yeah, I suppose to be AT the school right now but it turns out that our bas "puteri melewar" doesnt show up! haha but i'm kind of glad it doesnt came. doesnt feel like going to school after what happen -__-

so, our "geng bas sekolah", ikOi, amirah ishak, khairi, amirah AR and wardah decided to give the chances to go to school for the junior :P there are peoples who offered us rides but we said no thanks. hehhee ;) OMG. form 5 KOT! XD but we are so so so not lazy but just think at that time, going home is much more easier than going to school. whats with the riding the lrt and come very late to school and got discipline problem.

then we decided that we're going to amirah ishak's home sweet home. and on the way to her house, we feel that each car pass by us like staring at us and say, "apelah budak2 sekolah ni" . but we try to ignore it since we CANT go to school. "lame excuse"

HEY, we are totally not skipping school ok? well atleast not on purpose :P so here we are, doing chemistry peka and will study insyaAllah~ hehehee

teacher Alia, dont tell us. Hasni about us ok? :) its an ACCIDENT :P

till then!
salam :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

just for you :)

salam everyone :)

this blog has been updated or refresh you could say, thanks to teacher Alia. she said she want all of us to have a journal. so here it is. for you teacher! hehe :)

from now on, im going to try my very best to use proper english so that I wont get scold in the class XD

owh lastly, WE'RE IN FORM 5 RIGHT NOW! it's really hard to believe that we all had studied our way trough the 4 years~ huhuh. so know its the spm spirit or what ever you call it. maybe there are people out there said that spm wasnt that important in our life. well you know what? it IS important if you want to get scholarship and study abroad. so get a grip and just study.

im starting to blabbing here. till then