Friday, February 26, 2010

I am who I am !

look, I'm not the straight forward kind of person. I don't like it if I just blurt out all the words that I suppose to say. It's not like I couldn't do that but I wouldn't. because I prefer to let all my feelings and words in a beautiful and mysterious-not-straight-forward phrase (?) like show the song's lyric because of the DEEP meaning, creating a so call story but actually, it is what I wish for. I am a deep person. and only who knows me the best are going to deeply understand what I meant. and I also going to write in english because me myself like it. please do accept the fact that I am me and I wont be anybody else. I wont say things the way they are, I will bloom the flowers before the speech get to your heart. urgh I start to making no sense here.
farewell :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I understand

"merasakan diri hebat bukanlah satu keutamaan,sifat budak2 di dalam diri itu perkara biasa.tiada apa yang perlu dimalukan,mungkin ptt lihat diri sndiri sblom berkata pd orang lain.tidak smua orang hebat sprti yg dikehendaki,perkataan menyindir tak payah digunakan walaupun utk kawan sekalipon."

saya suka ayat2 ini. menyedarkan diri saya. terima kasih!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

superly tired !


it's been long since the last post. this was cause by no net surfing which cause by our peak moment to pindah2 rumah, sukan and EMOSI :P

alhamdulillah, our keramat's house were ready to be fill in this friday. eventhough it wasn't hundred percent finish but we can sleep in it :D so wait for me keramat-ians ;D

sports, killing me! ahahha gelabah~ from scratch last year, to ALL the thingS this year. ye la, form 5, tahun akhir XD
badminton double under 18 : alhamdulillah got bronze for it
aerobic : ALHAMDULILLAH silver all the way! we really thought that we will get fourth but because of kiru and dibah step are so COOL *top*, we raise the bar :)
and FATAH! RED ALL THE WAY~ wuhooooooooo

emotion? angry? sad? happy? laughter? weird?
yup, I dont know where we could feel above things but we really feeling it right? but I develop a new prinsip in my life.
"whenever you feel HATE, replace it with LOVE"
for an example ; people always pushing you, ask you thing that you dont want to tell them, forcing you, and also said i hate you to you. we need to replace all their thought into something positive. we could say nah i'll never tell you, I love someone else! just ignore all the stupid thing that have been planted in you. and yeah we couldn't forget things that we attune to but we can ignore them. sure I can~ go me -___-
but this prinsip only for feelings okay? kalau orang kafir buat benda jahat, jangan lah kita endah je. got it?! :P

always remember that even thought people forget us, never forget them because remember what those people's deeds~

Monday, February 15, 2010

it's gonna be superb~

salam! ;)

it's been long since I'd laid my finger here~ huh? hahhaa what ever~
I just want to share one of my happy superb extra-ordinary cool DAY ever! it's D-Day~ hahaaXD Last friday, 5 feb 10. yeah it's my birthday. but I don't really expect anything this year, as in the present because common! I'm 17-lah! hahahha;D

it's not about the present that matters, I just need to collect all the smiley face my friends and family smile for me that day. And yeah, I've got many! hehe ^__^ boy did I remember one face, siap matahari pagi terpancar kat muka dia lagi. SubhanAllah, cantiknya ciptaan Allah! and like always, after 3 flight (?) of stairs I will rest for a bit (lepak la jugak ;D) at the corner. YaAllah! the sunrise is so perfect! nothing could be better than that! Allah had given me the ultimate present ever and I wont forget it. Thank You Allah :)

I am happy that day. that's the spirit~ hehehe ;) some bday sms, and SHAFIAH called me from JB, she used her school public phone! so sweet shaf! "zutto ni :)" and wow lot of present! (berbanding sepanjang hidup!XD) The funny thing is, last year, I was known as the food monster? hehehe ye la, ajk makanan, sweet-tooth, not to forgot my eyes will glitter whenever I see foods hahaha:) SO, this year, it's a based on food present! HAHAHAHAHA! CADBURY BOURNVILLE SIMPLY DARK, TWO! hahhaXD I LOVE YOU GUYS!
it is a wonderful day and I love it! just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! really and truly, from my heart. ;) *I like tegan's word 'really and truly' so cute >.<*

cute kan dorg ni? he he he. Alhamdulillah Allah still let me live with His bless. may I always dedicated myself to Him. amin~ Teruskan perjuanganmu~
(actually I want to write 'bout something else but whenever lah yea? ;D)

I promise, I will give my best shot while I'm still in my 17!