Wednesday, June 16, 2010


yes hello to you and salam to you. to whom ever really did read this poor lacking of everything blog ;P I just want to stated few things about me. random yet useful if you want to use it against me *xtau la mana tau ada orang nak berperang dgn saya ;P*

1- I have a low confidence level which I know for long time ago. I did want to change this attitude but no thanks, I'm happy with the way I am. I know I always 'look' confidence if I gave a presentation or something because I was bajet to look cool. it's all in the face and you can tell that I am not confidence at all. and even if I speak to anybody, it's just hard to see then in the eyes and just talk. I prefer looking at my feet than their face. it sort of scared me ? and it is really truly hard to talk to male except for my father. plus the fact that I hate 'em. okay enough.

2- I know many people said that 'you are the greatest friend I ever had' to their friends. I've got couple of that and that word made me think and the conclusion I've made, no I am not. it's just when I am down, my friend support me and sooth me in a very comfortable way. but when the other way around, I just don't know what to do and say. I could only just hug them and let go. I'm not a adviser person and that fact made me feel sick. huh

3- OKAY now we go to the bright side i guess ;P I LOVE DEBUSSY ! I know classic right ? HAHA. not only debussy, but the sound of piano (?) instrumental kot dorang panggil. entah. I also adore carter burwell. genius with the piano ;) terasa sebak je dengar bunyi ting ting ting tu berlagu. awwww ;) and tanam semangat baru nak ada keyboard bila ada rumah nanti. maybe I'm not playing it. HE HE HE ;P really love my new interest ! I call it piano listening. biar salah ;P

hah felt nice just to let it go for a while don't you think ?
I don't even know why you're reading my blog, anybody. macam lah ada apa dalam ni? puff~ okay perasan ada orang baca belah lah.